lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

"Cs City Strike: Frontline."

"Cs City Strike: Frontline." FREE

3D shooting game. A war game. Fight counter enemy forces. You fired a machine gun? You are the strike force of the army. You are the best command the army. You are the sniper in a realistic scene in 3D. Killing terrorists and get weapons in the weapon store!

Tired of static shooter games? Now you can move on stage. A game adictibo war. A set of weapons and shooting.

The war has taken the city, you're the only one who can fight against terrorists. You must free the city. Now you can move within a large 3D scene!

You can use a Bazooka to exploit enemy bases. You can use a machine gun a pistol or a sniper rifle too. Shall gather points and money, you can buy more weapons and move more in this fight against terrorists.

You can buy many weapons, enjoy the power. Compete with your friends and prove you're the best warrior of the army.

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